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Who are we? What are we doing?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Another foodie blog? Well maybe, yes! But to be honest we love food and love writing about it, and the experiences of eating out and about even more.

Part of the idea behind this blog came from bitter disappointment. Sitting in eateries, or standing next to them, and eating great food with shocking service, or shocking food and shocking service, or simply just shocking but just sometimes - simply outstanding. No matter which, we always felt the desire to shout about it, or make a note of it so that we could revisit or avoid like the plague, so here we are.

A world of critics. Now there are plenty of review sites, and plenty more food critics, in fact we are all a critic. If you're handing over your hard earned cash then you have the right to be a critic. So why #secretdiner ? Well, if you want an honest review of somewhere then having a sticker that reads "FOOD CRITIC" on your forehead is more than likely gonna skew how you are treated. Whilst the food may remain the same, certain details will get feathered out, service for one. The speed and attention given to a customer from the moment he/she walks into a place is the foundation of the experience and we want this to be accurate, or as accurate as it can be at the time of writing. So we are going stealth and keeping who we are a secret. You’ll know we've been, we'll leave a little something to give a polite poke and then you can come and read our thoughts here.

WE HATE STICKY TABLES! How long for someone to take a drinks order. Do they then forget about you for 30 minutes!

For us it is all about the small details. Is the table sticky? WE HATE STICKY TABLES! How long for someone to take a drinks order. Do they then forget about you for 30 minutes!

Why is OK for a toilet to be smelly, dirty or tatty.... how many door locks don't work or hand dryers don't dry! Tables that wobble, waiters that ignore or have no situational awareness whatsoever? Value for money - this is a big part of how we are scoring a place. Because to be brilliant and get brilliant service doesn't require a rosette or a star, it maybe a cheap burger joint, but you serve us great food with great service then you're onto a winner and we will shout about it.


We have to score this somehow - so it’s out of 10 with a few categories- and maybe a few little hints as to why that score. For example a toilet maybe stunning, smell incredible but it won’t get 10 if my mates wheelchair can go in it or there’s no disability provision. That’s not a dig but we think it’s important these days. So the scores are there but read the reviews they are our real life experiences of places we visit and put to the test. If you’re the owner or manager or staff we want to hear from you of course, and we are happy to come back some time if you think we’ve been unfair or unlucky.

Watch out … you may have critics about. SD.



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