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Updated: Nov 6, 2021

So a day in #Salisbury kicks off with a roadside smash and grab #bacon sarny.


SO this isn't your uber mega new farm place serving a huge menu, the old Aga is parked in the driveway and there are a smattering of outside tables under a nice big stretch tent...

Parking on the rough drive is easy enough and we get out to be greeted by an informative chalk board simply explaining it’s outside for food only, and we’re ok with that even in autumn. The outside eating area looks new - tables clean and simple.

The actual shop isn't big but has a well laid out bar area and the waft of bacon cooking is always a winner for us. The huge fresh meat counter makes us think this could be OK. Greeted immediately and on the board a small menu of "Bacon Sandwich”, “Sausage Sandwich“ until 11:45 told us all we needed to know "YES PLEASE!" Can you do bacon and egg? This wasn't a problem, so we ordered two of those on granary bread and a couple of coffees… back outside to wait.

The problem with these little pop up farm shops is that they are full of lovely distractions and Bird & Carter is no exception to this. An array of lovely honey and expensive olive oils await you as you try to go outside for your food... but you'll only get a quick look because suddenly the Barista making the coffee has got ours ready... nothing posh, just a cardboard cup. It’s good coffee... not burnt and not boiling hot either. Very nice.

The problem with these little pop up farm shops is that they are full of lovely distractions...


This place is pretty sparse, not super busy but interesting that a steady steam of tradesmen pull in and then leave, they must know something. A lady approaches the table probably 8 mins after the order and places two open card board boxes onto the wooden garden table. The aroma of bacon on a cold morning is intoxicating. The open box has a neatly folded napkin to one side and the rest of the box is filled with a huge fresh granary sandwich exploding with rashers of streaky smoked bacon, an oozing fried egg and some ketchup... what's not to like. Delicious!


This place is great, it does exactly what it says it will. You can smash and grab a quick breakfast and a good coffee, sit down with it or take with you to work.

Fresh produce and sharp service came our way, and we suspect they will expand pretty soon. Nice environment for what it is. It's not super posh but it was clean 'n' tidy and the table wasn't sticky. Disability access is good, the drive way is a bit lumpy but excellent access into the shop and the toilets, and plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Two bacon and egg sandwiches and 4 coffees for £19.30; less than a tenner each - about right we would say.


  • Food score 8/10

  • Service Score 8/10

  • Comms Score 9/10

  • Vibe 6/10

  • Disability Access 8/10

  • Bog 7/10

  • Sticky Table 8/10

  • Value for Money 8/10

  • What is cost £19.30

  • What it’s worth £19.30

  • Will we go back? Yes!


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