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Mangtout Sandwich Bar, Old Hall Street, Liverpool

Old Hall Street has more than just a Q for Passports ...

Well we all make that error of needing a quick passport update at short notice at some point in our lives. Today it was my turn.

Of course that's an opportunity to grab something to eat and do a cheeky review of somewhere. Having been to my appointment I wandered up the road looking for coffee - there's a Starbucks and a Costa but look closer and there is a little Sandwich bar cafe tucked away amongst the office blocks. London it would be called a "Greasy Spoon" ...

Mangtout is a classic little place for breakfast or a cuppa or better still a good old fry up. If it was in London it would be called a "Greasy Spoon" but let me tell you it is far from greasy.

A busy stream of locals pop in and out to get fresh coffee or grab a take out breakfast bap.The team here are lovely friendly and welcoming, it's Liverpool and there is no mistaking that local charm.

The eggs are perfect the hash browns crunchy and the bacon tender...

This place is quick the food is tasty, you pay £8.75 for a ridiculous sized breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee on the side. The eggs are perfect the hash browns crunchy and the bacon tender. While sat here I just think they deserved a shout out, because they could easily be swamped by the names rivals ... they are not.

5 star food hygiene rating, great access to anyone, but the toilets are up stairs and you'll need the key - if you have mobility issues it may be tricky even with the lift the toilet layout is awkward. That said - this place is super fast service so you hopefully won't need the loo! Grab a take out or sit in

A quick review of a cracking little cafe, so next time you come to sort your Passport out pop in for a cup of classic Liverpudlian charm, you will leave full up !

Score : Very Good Indeed...7.5

  • Food score 8/10

  • Service Score 8/10

  • Comms Score 8/10

  • Vibe 8/10

  • Disability Access 6/10 - outside loo.

  • Bog 5/10

  • Sticky Table 8/10

  • Value for Money 9/10

  • What is cost £8.75 inc Tea

  • What it’s worth -Yes

  • Would we go back ? Yes


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