It wouldn't be a secret if we told you! The diner can be one of many food experts we employ to visit restaurants throughout the UK and to report back to this Website so you too can sample only the best. When you visit these places be sure to mention that you saw them on Look at the 'Contacts' section for details of some of the suggestions and recommendations received so far from contributors. Don't forget to add yours ! The SecretDiner is wholly independent of restaurants and their suppliers and all meals are paid for by the SecretDiner Network.

Welcome to the Website of the Secret Diner. We are an organisation of expert food tasters, we know what good food is like, how it should be served and if it is good value for money.

We speak our mind, we are food critics, we are honest and we are fair, relating our experiences as they have happened.

We invite all who like good food to join us in a journey of exploration taking in a range of eating places across the United kingdom.
Our investigators are visiting places of interest to suit all tastes and pockets.

All eating places commented upon will have been visited at least three times by our researchers to ensure that standards are maintained. Fewer visits might result in a provisional rating to be modified or confirmed later.

Let us know of your experiences when visiting these eating places and of any that you would recommend elsewhere- Your review might lead to one of our researchers making an assessment visit.

You may also use this link to submit recommendations of your own which may be followed up at a later date.

Please use this site to let us know what you think about our recommendations and any ways in which our website could be improved.


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